User roles

There are a few different types of user types within ClearView Flex. Here is the current list and their permissions:

Project Admins

Project Admins (sometimes referred to as just “Admins”) have full control over the project they are Project Admin of. They are able to manage groups, credits, Flexboxes, users and any settings related to the Project. You can think of this user role as a Superuser.

Note: They will still need to be assigned to the group that a Flexbox is part of in order to start a session from it.

Group Coordinators

Group Coordinators can manage the group(s) that they are Group Coordinator of. They can only manage users and Flexboxes that have been assigned to their group(s). They are able to add new users to their group(s) and can assign those users also with the Group Coordinator role. They also have the ability to change settings on a Flexbox.

Note: It is possible to be a Group Coordinator in one group and a Presenter in another group in the same Project. This will result in being able to only present in one group and being able to present and manage as part of the other group.


If a user is added to your project or group and they aren’t a Project Admin or Group Coordinator, then they will assume the Presenter role. This user has no access to the ClearView Flex Administration portal and will only be able to log into the Presenter website. From here they will have the ability to start a session on any Flexbox they have access to via their group associations.


Attendees are short-lived, unregistered users. They do not exist as part of your project or groups and can only be added via an invite to a session. They only exist for the duration of the session and once that ends, they will no longer have access to that session.

Note: Even if you are a registered user (Project Admin, Group Coordinator, Presenter), in order to view a session, you will still have to be invited as an Attendee to a session if you want to join it.