Audio channels

You can also select the audio channels of the input:

  • Stereo (default)
  • 5.1

Please note:

  • Audio bitrates will automatically increase when selecting 5.1.
  • If you select 5.1, we will send 5.1 to the Apple TV 4K and downmix for all other devices.

    • To downmix from 5.1 surround sound to stereo, we use the matrix recommended in RFC 7845 (which defines Ogg encapsulation for the Opus codec, and is also what the WebRTC ‘multiopus’ implementation is based on). This matrix appears to yield better results than the LtRt or LoRo matrices defined in the ATSC standard for digital audio compression, mainly because it does not discard the LFE channel and has less impact on the dynamic range of the audio signal.