Buying Credits

ClearView Flex PAYG requires that you purchase credits to use on your Flexbox.

The checkout process is quick and simple. Before starting, ensure you have added a payment method to your account. Navigate to Credits from the main menu and hit the “Buy Credits” button in the top right.

First, select the type (Weekly or Monthly / Pro or Starter) and quantity of the credit you need:

Credit Checkout step 1

Then, select the card you want to pay with:

Credit Checkout step 2

Finally, confirm your order:

Credit Checkout step 3

When confirming an order, your card issuer may ask you for further authentication. Known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), this most often comes in the form of 3D Secure (used by Visa and MasterCard), and will be shown in a pop-up in your browser. More information on SCA can be found here.

All transactions are handled securely by Stripe, a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.