Feature Settings

Here you will be able to configure what features your flexbox has enabled.


We offer various forms of annotations:

All of which can be enabled / disabled independently of each other. Our annotations features are browser-only, but we are also looking to release them on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV apps.

Enabling and Disabling the annotations

You can enable and disable the features independently of each other, or you can switch off annotations entirely. To do so, access the Flexbox settings which can be found by clicking the three dots on the Flexbox table row:

Select flexbox settings from table

From here, you will be able to configure all settings related to that Flexbox.

Flexbox settings feature access

From here, you can individually toggle each annotation setting on or off. If you wish to disable Annotations entirely again, turn the toggle off next to the label “Annotations”:

Disabling Annotations

In channel voice chat

This will enable/disable voice chat for the selected Flexbox.

ICC toggle