Dynamic range

You can select the following options:

  • SDR (default)
  • HDR

Please note:

  • Once you select HDR in the Presenter view, ClearView Flex will begin looking for HDR metadata in the SDI/HDMI input (such as the display primaries, white point, min/max mastering luminance and maxCLL/maxFALL). This metadata will be passed through to the HDR capable viewers.
  • If no embedded metadata is found, we will fall back to industry standard HDR10 at 1000 nits using the Rec2020 color primaries with ST2084 PQ transfer curve. Please note that consumer displays differ and will have different capabilities of sustained and peak brightness.
  • If you are natively working in the P3 colorspace, this should be wrapped in a Rec2020 container for remote viewing on consumer devices. There is a switch available in the iPhone/iPad app to select P3 primaries and D65 white point, allowing for the most accurate review of theatrical or Dolby Vision work in progress. As there is no way to signal P3-D65 to TVs they should be specifically calibrated to P3-D65.