Burn In

The stream burn in offers an additional layer of security for your content.

Burn-in settings

You can toggle the burn-in on or off completely. If enabled, it can be customised as follows:


  • Fixed: Place the burn-in in a fixed and static position on the stream, specifying its horizontal and vertical placement.
  • Scroll (horizontal): This is the default behaviour, which makes the burn-in move horizontally from one side of the stream to the other. You can specify the vertical placement.
  • Random: The burn-in will move to a new, random position on the stream after a fixed interval (specified in seconds).


  • Font size: Select how big you wish the burn-in text to appear on the stream (small/medium/large).
  • Content: You can build the burn-in text to your liking by selecting from a set of predefined options and/or typing custom text. Some special characters such as the “£” and “{ }” symbols are not allowed and, if typed, will have to be removed in order to save your changes. For security purposes, we advise displaying the session ID or session start time as part of the text to make it easier to trace content to a specific session.

You will be able to see an approximation of how the burn-in text will appear on your stream in the preview at the bottom of the form. Note that changes to the burn-in will only be applied to new sessions, not those already in progress.