ClearView Flex is an application that streams a real-time video and audio session on-demand, fully synchronised from your source to viewers worldwide.

Sessions can be viewed easily and securely on any device with a wired, wireless or mobile connection.

The video source is connected via HD-SDI, HDMI or NDI to a Flexbox on-site, which encodes and distributes a live stream to Sohonet’s secure streaming service, making the stream accessible to authenticated viewers via a web browser.

A ClearView Flex session is set up and controlled by a Presenter. The Presenter can then invite Viewers to attend the session using just an email address, with no requirement for additional specialised hardware.

Installing your Flexbox

We will provide you with a Flexbox installation guide when your Flexbox is delivered. The guide includes the necessary firewall configurations for your specific instance. Our support engineers will be able to guide you through this process. If you have not received this document, please get in touch with Sohonet Support.

Once the initial installation is complete, we will continue to monitor your hardware to ensure it can connect to the streaming service. Your audio and video feed should be provided over a stable SDI, HDMI, or NDI connection to the Flexbox. To help us maintain a high quality of service, it’s also important to keep the Flexbox powered on and connected to an ethernet connection, for which we recommend 20mbps minimum.