To enable NDI, go to the Network tab under your Flexbox settings and toggle the switch marked Allow NDI as an Input Type on this Flexbox. This toggle will need to be turned on for every Flexbox for which you want to use NDI.

Network Admin

NDI is currently supported with NDI 4+.

Configuration of your network for NDI will need to be managed in a third party tool such as NDI Access Manager. However, once configured you can apply Groups, specific discovery servers or remote sources to your network configuration here to limit the NDI sources which are available for discovery on the network.

NDI Groups

NDI manages access to sources via groups. To be able to receive an NDI stream, the sender and receiver need to use to the same group. Unless otherwise specified the public group is added by default. To change this amend the text field entry to match the name of your specified group. You may enter more than one entry by selecting the + button to add a new row. Previous entries may be deleted by selecting the x button.

NDI Discovery Server

By default, Flexboxes will rely on mDNS service discovery to find available NDI sources. For environments where mDNS is not usable, you can configure the Flexbox to use an NDI Discovery Server. Simply enter the IP address of the Discovery Server you would like to use.

NDI Remote Sources

You can also configure the Flexbox to directly discover sources from particular source IP addresses, without the need for mDNS discovery or a Discovery Server. Multiple Remote sources may be added using the same method as NDI Groups.